Night game extravaganza – picking up hipster girl at pansexual party

In Part 3 of this Night Game Extravaganza, that documents a full night of picking up girls, Vadim shows you how to approach on the street, venue change, lead, build comfort, make out and pull.

In this 3 part series you will learn how to pick up girls in a more process-oriented way, have fun and let the night unfold naturally.

Some key infield moments that reflect the night game process:

  • Approaching girl at lounge (0:55)
  • Number close (3:23)
  • Night game street approach  (4:05)
  • Persistence (5:24)
  • Walking to Pansexual Party (8:32)
  • Dancing at night club (9:30)
  • Almost Getting Caught (10:37)
  • Screening for logistics (13:15)
  • Rapport (13:42)
  • Making out (14:25)
  • Leading (15:06)
  • Picking up girls physically (15:12)

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