Welcome to Honest Signalz, a company dedicated to pickup, dating and self-development for the evolving man. My name is Vadim. I'm a pickup veteran, dating coach, and aspiring YouTube sensation (always hungry for those views). A couple of years ago, I left the world of corporate finance to embark on the perilous path of entrepreneurship and YouTube stardom. I wanted to combine my passions for pickup, comedy and self-development, so I launched Honest Signalz where we demonstrate the art (and science) of meeting and attracting women in a way that entertains, inspires and educates.

At Honest Signalz, we strive to add a fresh perspective to the multi-faceted, maligned and often misunderstood pickup and dating advice industry. While some of the videos we make place a greater emphasis on entertainment, the ultimate goal is to share the universal principles of natural game and dating wisdom acquired from years of “blood sweat and tears”. Here’s a video that will give you a greater insight into my story. Have some tissues handy, it’s an emotional one.

Our mission is to help every man evolve to become their best selves and achieve a genuine level of choice and abundance in their romantic lives. So, be sure to follow us on YouTube, check out our world class coaching programs and sign up for our exclusive mailing list to receive extra footage, tips and updates. I want to leave you with this quote that captures the essence of Honest Signalz:

"...in a species such as a peafowl, where female choice of mate rules, the male is not entirely a passive spectator of his evolutionary fate. He is both an ardent suitor and an eager salesman: He has a product to sell—his genes, perhaps—and information to impart about that product, but he does not simply hand the information over and await the peahen's decision. He is out to persuade her, to seduce her. And just as she is descended from females who made a careful choice, so he is descended from males who made a hard sell."

- Matt Ridley, The Red Queen

My aspiring Casanovas, we don’t want you to be a “passive spectator” of your life and evolutionary fate. We want you to step up, take the reins and live a life unbound. May the game be with you!