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Honest Signalz wants you to stop being such a pussy and go after what you want in life. You may have heard this before, but life is short. Before you know it, you’ll wake up only to realize that your dick has given up the fight. You’ll fondly remember the days when you could actually do something about a beautiful girl in tight jeans instead of just admiring her like a museum artifact. So stop pissing away your days and get this shit handled. Learning how to be successful with women will force you to step up, make you a better person and enrich your life all around.



Realizing that life's absurd is not the end.
It's only the beginning.

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Check out our extensive collection of videos on YouTube where we demonstrate the art (and science) of attracting women in a way that entertains, inspires and educates. There are a lot of hot girls in these videos, so please contain yourself and keep your hands above the desk.


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A diamond is merely a lump of coal
that did well under pressure.

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Unfortunately girls aren’t going to take the initiative and approach you. Maybe the odd drunk unattractive one will. That means that you’re going to have to grow some balls and do it yourself. To help you with that we have a devised a rigorous and highly informative coaching program that will lay a solid foundation for your future lays (no pun intended).




Only those who risk going too far
can find out how far one can go.




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